Oral Cancer Screening

In 2008, in the US alone, about 34,000 individuals were diagnosed with oral cancer. 66% of the time these will be found as late stage three and four disease. In the US, oral cancer accounts for about 8 percent of all malignant growths. Men are affected twice as often as women, particularly men older
than 40.

Low public awareness of the disease is a significant factor, but these cancers could be found at early highly survivable stages through a simple, painless, 5 minute examination by a trained medical or dental professional.

“My family has been going to Dr. Duca for over 25 years. He and his staff have always been professional, patient and friendly. He is meticulous and extremely gentle. Would highly recommend.”

As part of our examination process, Dr. Duca inspects your mouth for oral cancer closely both initially and during each maintenance visit. Dr. Duca is readily able to note such important lesions. Our mission is to completely treat you in every way and this is a process that we take very seriously.

While there are a variety of screening devices that assist doctors in detecting oral cancer, the only definitive method for determining this is through biopsy and microscopic evaluation of the cells in the removed sample. Should we see an area of question, we will let you know how to proceed.

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