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Duca Dentistry offers a warm and caring tradition of family dentistry. We have supported the dental needs of multiple generations of patient families and their relatives. We are proud of our family dentistry roots as we progress and grow to meet the future needs of area residents.

Dr. Duca has fully modernized his practice while continuing to provide individual quality care to his patients. He consistently improves his techniques and invests in new hi-tech equipment while staying abreast of modern advances in dentistry through taking countless continuing education courses. Dr. Duca excels in cosmetic dentistry and implant reconstruction as well as crown and bridge work and routine procedures. Every patient is afforded the most advanced treatment options available in dentistry today. All options related to cost and procedure complexity is routinely offered.

Duca Dentistry has provided quality dental care to residents in northern New Jersey for over 25 years from our current office location in Clifton, New Jersey.

Every patient is important to us and during each visit we will show you that.

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